Jul. 26th, 2009 09:22 pm
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  [livejournal.com profile] mrsdewees and I were at some children's amusement park watching our kids play. All of a sudden we had to leave because it started to storm. We got in this silver sedan-style car (that supposedly belonged to Cassie's MIL, Alice) and started driving down this straight road. The storm kept varying in severity. It was pouring rain and the sky would go from dark to light to completely black.

Cassie was really nervous driving and kept having to slam on the breaks causing the car to slide a lot. I had Arianna in my lap and she was holding Vincent in one arm while trying to drive with the other (LOL!). I have no idea where Hayden was. It's still raining and the sky is dark gray. Cassie slams on the breaks again after realizing we're approaching a red light. Both kids fly out of our arms and onto the floor, yet they stay asleep.

Cassie pulls over and I'm trying to figure out how to lock the doors because I don't feel safe. Somehow Vincent ends up in the back seat in a carseat without either of us getting out of the car or moving. I'm still holding Arianna (who is the size of a 3 month old). We get back on the road, but now we're driving the other direction. We don't get very far when we see two guys running in the street trying to flag down a car. I'm really freaked out becuase I still can't figure out how to lock the doors so I frantically ask Cassie how to lock the door. She presses this button and it locks the doors really tight so I feel a little better.

The guys fail to flag down the car in front of us so now they're trying to get us to let them into our car. I'm starting to freak out again and Cassie is just staring at them. We can't drive forward because there are now cars in front of us and we're all stopped at another light. Cassie starts texting someone on an iPhone and I get this bright Idea that she needs to dial 911 and hold the phone up so they can see that we're dialing 911 thinking maybe they'll go away. I end up doing it from my phone and one of the guys gets mad. I try to play it off like I was trying to help him by saying "Do you need help? I can call 911 for you." He says "Do I look like I need help? I'm an off duty fireman!" This guy looks like a total thug, by the way....

Then I woke up.


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