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Birthdate:Apr 5
Location:Virginia, United States of America

I'm 24 years young and married to this guy named Jon. He's kind, generous, loyal, and pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. He's also a year younger than I am which I love to give him a hard time about (and he takes it so well).

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I am an Arizona native, but currently residing in Northern Virginia until the Marine Corps decides to send us somewhere else. I miss Arizona and can't wait to go back.

We have two beautiful daughters- Arianna (2/7/2007) and Lucy (11/25/2010). We hope to someday give them a little brother.

Arianna- Our Oldest Girl

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- 2 YEARS! We made our goal!

Lucy- Our Newest Addition
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- 6 months and counting!

I am:

*An advocate of informed consent, particularly when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Oh and I mean REAL informed consent. You know, the kind backed by fact based evidence? None of that "You should trust me because I'm a doctor even though I can't back up what I say" shiz. I am a total birth junkie and am always trying to learn something new about birth.

*An attachment parent. I generally don't like to label myself and risk excluding those who do not parent exactly the way I do, but I must admit I do follow most of the attachment parenting philosophy. I breastfeed my children until they are ready to wean. I love co-sleeping with and wearing my babies. I never leave my children to cry uncomforted and I don't believe in "training" them. They are humans, not animals.

*Semi-crunchy. I breastfeed, babywear, cloth diaper, co-sleep, and birth at home. I do not eat all organic (or use organic cleaner or wear organic clothing), home school, practice EC (if you have to ask....), or consider myself a huge environmentalist. Basically, I do what works and feels right for my family regardless of whether or not it earns me crunch points.

*A photographer....but not a professional one. I love taking pictures, but photography is a hobby. I don't think I ever want to turn it into a profession because I fear that would take the fun out of something that I really love to do. I most enjoy taking pictures of babies, kids, and people in general. I love capturing emotion and movement.

*A very amateur cook. I love to cook and bake and wish I had more time to spend in the kitchen experimenting with recipes. I'm always in search of new recipes so if you have any, throw them my way!

*A military wife. I am the wife of a United States Marine and while I am thankful for the benefits and opportunities that the USMC has provided us with, my entire life does not revolve around the military. I will support my husband just as any wife supports her husband, but you probably won't catch me walking around in an, "Ooh-rah I love my Marine" shirt any time soon ;)

***I am friends only because I prefer to maintain a certain level of privacy. If you've read through my bio and you think we might get along, leave me a comment on my Friends Only entry and let me know how you found me!***

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